Thursday, June 7, 2012
 Pants: Levi's
Plaid Polo: Levi's
Photos by Edric Chen

Having a good pair of blue jeans is like owning an L.B.D. (Little Black Dress). Classic and timeless.
It can be fancied up for special occasions or dressed down for casual affairs. A fashion staple every girl must have!

Numerous brands have their signature "blue jeans" but amongst all, I think Levi's produced if not the best, one of the the best pair in history. The cut, texture, color and signature brown stitch contrasting with the blue cloth are only a few to mention why it has already earned its reputation in the denim industry. 

With my body type (small hips and slightly wide waist),  spotting the perfect pair of jeans is usually quite a task! Believe me, I've searched almost every store! And I was very  delighted when Levi's had pants made for body types like mine--slight curve to be specific
As you can see the fit is fantastic! Length is just enough to be folded at the bottom for a more laid-back look. 
And speaking of laid-back, I paired the pants with a plaid top and leather jacket to cap off the Western look. But instead of wearing boots (which I think is already too wild-wild-west haha), I went for a 5-inch leopard booties to add some "urban" vibe to the look! Something we could wear in the Philippines...on rainy days. haha!

Hope you like it! :)


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