Monday, July 16, 2012
Tribal Skirt: Soul
Aztec Bodice: Motel Rocks
Aztec Wedges: Chicnova
Necklace: Mauve
Clutch: SM Department (sale for 299!)

Too much pink! I thought so too. 
This look, as what my friends said, reminded them of barbie which means I did a pretty good job putting on an
outfit for the Nicki Minaj concert a couple of days ago. Thank you Globe for bringing me there!

Pink is never my color to be honest, but it was Nicki Minaj! I mean... for her (and Katy maybe) one can 
never wear too much pink, you know. So I stepped outside my box and just went all out!  
I was even considering a blush-colored wig. No, just kidding. lol 
Along with the all barbie theme, I too went overboard with prints--Aztec, tribal, floral etc! It's just too fun
 attending concerts. Not only you get to see the musician/s perform but you too have a reason to dress up (sometimes ridiculously) in clothes
 you want but would hardly wear on a day to day basis. Do you feel me? 

Oh! Did you notice the shoes? It arrived last week and I finally got to wear it for the first time! 
It went well with the bodice and skirt,  don't you agree?!
By the way, I think you should know that I only had the guts to show a bit of my tummy all because of the skirt. It sucks my flabs and instantly gives my curves! It's actually one of my favorite pieces from SOUL, second to the Tribal kimono (see the look here). I also have it in black & white. Just sharing hehe!

Hope you love it guys! :)


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