Sunday, July 29, 2012

Black Maxi: Romwe
Sequined Vest: Mango
Recessionista find:
Belt: thrifted | Shoes: Department store

I feel like I owe you guys more than this post to make up for the 4-day hiatus I was in. As you all know it was my birthday last week and I thought having a break would be the perfect gift to myself. So I did. But sadly like any other holiday/vacation, it came to an end. Now I am back to my daily routine! 

This outfit was what I wore to a lunch date with my closest and longest friends. We're all from Davao by the way. 
At first I was thinking of going with booties but we planned on doing some shopping (for my birthday celebration and theirs) so I figured going for something casual would be a wiser decision. The black Maxi was just way too comfy actually. Took advantage of its comfortability by running, bending, jumping and sitting, unafraid of a wardrobe-malfunction happening! lol Yes we girls like to fool around. Just like how it was in High School!

Anyway, I missed you all! I promise to make it up to you this week.. and the coming weeks! :)


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