Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Woke up to the sweetest greeting I received on my 22nd birthday.
Thank you to the SOUL Lifestyle team. I am (will always be) a proud member..
I love you!
Photo taken last year during the billboard shoot I had for Soul.

Since blogger doesn't have a reblog button, I copied and pasted everything from SOUL's Tumblr.
" You have always been adored by many…from the clothes that you wear, hair that you color, shoes that you walk in, and all the other things that have taken you to the greater heights of your career - all these while  keeping those little feet of yours, bare and flat on the ground.
How many girls and ladies and in-betweens have come up to you and said that they take you as an inspiration. How many little girls have you heard saying “I want to be Cheyser when I grow up,”? How many fans tweet you everyday that they love what you’re wearing. How many brands have sent you birthday gifts? A lot, right?
You see, and not overlook, these efforts of the people that make you part of their daily lives. You are great and grateful.
A CHARMED LIFE, you have.
SOUL Lifestyle, Mimi, Jun, Aidx, James, Farrah - All with different perspectives and principles - have loved working with you because you are special. A gift wrapped in a turqoise and orange aztec pattern, with ombre’d ribbons…thats what you are to us.

That’s what make you special.

SOUL Lifestyle has worked with you for almost a year. What started out as emails, turned to little talks over dinner, then your TWR poses on our tags, a video with you blowing a kiss at the end, to your 1st billboard print, and that first dinner as a creative team at Emperor’s, coffee and talks at SBux and CBTL, brainstorming on Twitter and Facebook, your 1st walk on the runway, to meetings turned into a karaoke night and more… These were the memorable times that have been carved as precious memories into the hearts behind SOUL Lifestyle creative team.
The grounds that we stand have similarities and differences, but you gave the effort back, so that we could meet in between.
To never forget the place and the feeling before all the dreams came true, here is the video we all loved one fine charmed day in 2011…

Stay golden, Cheys, because you have always been. 

{words from the heart of your SOUL Lifestyle family, as written by Aidx Paredes}

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