Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I never leave the house w/out my T-Square and Cannister. School stuff.
 Guess what? Tonight is Nicki Minaj's concert and I am lucky to have VIP tickets to the show! 
 Whoot Whoot! Thank you Globe!

 I Just got home from class! Only an hour left to prepare and I haven't made up my mind nor even come up 
with options for what I will be wearing tonight. I should be storming my closet N-O-W finding something PINK & SEXY (very Nicki)
 but I just can't leave you guys with nothing to read, so I'm panic-blogging just to show my love for you. Lol  Forgive me if I am a tad bit hyper. I'm just too stoked about the concert.
Anyway... Guys, this is what I wore to school today. I wasn't in the mood of dressing up so I just threw on a plain dress and spiced it up w/catchy accessories--big stone necklace & sequined hobo bag.
And oh! Would you believe the shoes cost less than a hundred pesos?? A steal which I got from a garage sale for 80 php! *insert face w/an open mouth right here* It's been with me for a year already but I only got to be in it (except the day I tried it on) today, and I think I will be abusing it for the next few weeks or til it wears out. hehe
I should really cut it here. I better put my wonderwoman mode on and look like a doll in less than an hour! Talk to you soon guys. Have a great night! :) 


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