Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Paisley Romper: Clothes Off
Bag: Parfois
Leather Jacket: Terranova
Shoes: Soleil Flats
Necklace & Leather Cuff: Sol Accessories

Roll out of bed--> school--> home--> blog-->go to events (if there are some)-->errands-->
 home--> draw/paint/draft homeworks--> blog--> sleep.
Basically this is how my normal day goes. 
Tiring. Yes. But I'm alarmingly getting accustomed to it! It's like my body has completely adapted to these changes, as well as my almost-mature-self who has accepted the fact that I am getting older and responsibilities come in bulks and not in pieces anymore. Oh wow was that me talking?
However on this particular day, Pam and I (opting to do something funner than heading home after class and doing our homework) decided to catch-up in Venice Piazza over  nachos and cheese. Of course, I took the opportunity to have my "school look" taken outdoors. Been a while, eh?  Although this is just another casual outfit, I wanted to share it to show you how I look on normal days--usually in ballet flats, jacket/cardis and dresses/shorts.
Hope you like it though! :)


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