Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Romper: SOUL
Bracelets: Zee Shop

The moment I laid eyes on this romper, I immediately thought of the 50's. Not poodle skirts, gloves and hats though, but form-fitting sweetheart monokinis which look something like this: 
Such a cute outfit for the beach! But reality speaking, girls these days would hardly (actually never) swim in this... which made me wonder how on earth did they did it in the 50's! To move in the water with garments weighing 3x more than the spandex bikinis we have now. Must be quite a task huh! haha

I know it's inappropriate to feel summery on such rainy weather but today I had the beach-vibe all over me. I would typically go for denim shorts, cropped top, flats but I wanted something more "dressy" so I chose this romper for a change. The prints are lovely and the colors lean towards the "earthy tones", which makes it easy to accessorize!  Grabbed my clogs (perfect for the summery feel), sunglasses and some brght-colored bracelets and I was good to go! Not to the mall, but ONLY to school :( 
Why the sad face? Well when you're in something nice, you would want to be walking around in it for people to see and not just to be sitting down in your classroom for hrs right? :( But hey, at least I get to share it with you guys! :)


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