Friday, August 17, 2012
Crazy bout these hand-made accessories! The green chain can be worn as a necklace :)

Blazer: Sabrina
Boho skirt: Sabrina
Bracelets: Therapy Bags 
Necklace: Miacasa
Recessionista find:
Belt: thrifted for 50 php! 

Hot pink is a color I fancy in everything (accessories, shoes, pillows, gadgets etc) except clothes. Why? Well I find it overpowering honestly, especially when the fabric's solid and unprinted. It's one of those colors I have a hard time pairing with. Ironic, yeah, but when I laid eyes on this blazer my imagination worked in an instant! Like a Polaroid that processes instantaneously, only that mine was just a mental outfit photo developed in less than a minute. Not bad for an indecisive person, eh? lol
I pictured the blazer with blue, gold and of course a color to neutralize the strong hues, beige. 
Tip? You must always have a neutralizer if you wear bright tones! Black, beige and white work wonders!

This was what I wore (sans the heels) to the Rockwell Urban Bazaar yesterday. I had to style a complete look which will be given away tomorrow! It took me 3 painstaking hrs to find the perfect items that would complete my "Grecian Boho" look. They will be displaying it on the mannequin today so later I will be dropping by to check it out! :) 
Guys drop by too. You never know, you might be the lucky shopper to bring home my look, and also other bloggers'! 

Anyway, here's the poster for the bazaar.
Yes, its a Blogger weekend! :)

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