Saturday, August 18, 2012
Biege leather & chain bracelet is my favorite! 
The chain necklaces can also be used as 3-layered bracelets. Roechelle of Therapy Bags made it herself! :)
These beaded accessories (Jenny of Miacasa made it by hand) remind me so much of Accessorize!
I don't know what has gotten in to me but for the past weeks I've been obsessing with accessories, and when I visited the Urban Bazaar at Rockwell, my shopping bag was filled with more necklaces and bracelets than clothes or shoes! Anyway, I'm showing you now my favorite finds from the bazaar. Of course, as a Recessionsita, they all have to be for reasonable prices and believe it or not, necklaces ranged from 200-250 and bracelets 150-250. Not bad huh? :)

1st & 2nd photo: Therapy Bags 
3rd & 4th: Miacasa
5th photo: Bow Twist

I will be visiting the Bazaar again today, sometime 3-4pm. See you! :)

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