Saturday, August 11, 2012
Who wants to adopt these F21 pumps?
 Bought Thursday this week and wore it once. It's 7 (a bit big for my 6.5-sized feet) so I am selling them for 1800. Original price is 2200 (with tax) so if you want them please tweet me @cheyzmeister or leave a comment! :) 
Hey guys! My 50mm lens broke and now I'm stuck with a pound or two 35mm lens which is pretty heavy but takes so damn good photos by the way. At days that I don't carry a big bag with me, I either resort to my IXUS point-and-shoot or my phone :)

So here are my shots for the past week :)
x blogging in a sunny afternoon
x 6-in pumps from Forever21
x Benny Benassi dropping explosive beats
x lazy day
x back view of me waiting for my chinese lunch
x flats from VNC, Zara and Charles & Keith
x Domino's pizza (Finally got to try it!)
x home-made crepes my French friend and I made
x Bking!
x Chinese x Indian food

Anyway, working on an outfit post now! Uploading it later :)
Have a great day guys! 

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