Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chiffon Palazzo Pants: SOUL
Necklace: SOUL
photos by Rap Meting

I don't know what it is with grass and the 4pm sun that makes whatever photo seem very dreamy.
This afternoon was unexpected. The sun was scorching hot, light was too harsh but knowing the Philippine weather (anything shifts in any minute), everything suddenly changed. Clouds covered the harsh rays, yellow light turned orange and the wind started blowing harder than usual making everything seemed coordinated--weather and my clothes. 

I dont want to say I have mastered the art of carefree/nonchalant fashion, but I can definitely say I do it fine. Not the best, not the worst. 
Again, I channeled the boho in me by coming up with this outfit that is actually inspired by the Hippies and Monks (orange/rust color and the lose pants that look like their daily wear). Even my poses are inspired by them--on the ground acting like I was reflecting/meditating and becoming one with the nature or something. haha
 Rather than pairing something that shows more skin (tank, corset, tube) with the palazzo pants, I decided to wear this white long-sleeved sheer top to make the whole ensemble look like it was really in the 70's. Just do a little editing with the photo, make it look vintagey, and no doubt some will be fooled! 
Actually this outfit looks more like those of men's that women's in the 70's. Bell bottoms and longsleeves! 
See the similarities? lol
Okay enough about the silliness!

Anyway, I'm off to Rockwell now to have dinner and watch a movie with Raleene! Hoping you are all safe and having a great day with your Family, friends or special someone :)


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