Sunday, September 9, 2012

Loving my red IXUS! :) 
Yes, cameras don't have to be boring. They too can be stylish! 

Shoes: Primadonna
Necklace & Cuff: Fruitzy
Gold chain bracelet: J9 by Design

Believe it or not, a huge grin is plastered on my face as I type these words now. It's been so long since I last posted an outfit and you have no idea how I missed it (and you guys) so much! School has been insanely hectic and I couldn't be more happier to share finals is almost over. Few more days and I finally can breathe!
I know you missed me blogging (judging from your tweets) so I promise to make it up to you guys by bombarding your dashboard / timeline with outfit posts as soon as our 1-week term break starts! Which is 5 days from now by the way.. Brace yourself, okay? haha! Kidding.

Anyway.. after that quick Davao vacation last weekend, I never really had the chance to catch up w/friends. So yesterday I took a break from studying and drawing and just spent the Saturday like how people would typically do. It started with late lunch with one of my closest friends, Vern (missed her so much a week of not having to talk to her just CANNOT happen), followed by a quick shoe shopping sesh in Comfit (pumps are amazingly comfortable), an hour of live music by the Walkie Talkies then hours long of chatting laughing and catching up with friends in High Street.
I knew it was going to be a long night so I went for a day-to-night outfit; short dress with blazer and comfy heels! You know, blazers always come in handy! Just throw it on top of whatever clothes you're in for daytime and when the sun sets down and music starts to become extra loud, just remove it and you'd look completely different!
I hope you like the ensemble!
 It's already 5pm which means I have to get ready for church. Happy Sunday everyone! :)

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