Sunday, September 9, 2012
Ever since the time I started blogging, I would always receive emails / msgs / tweets suggesting a "What's in your bag" post.
I was always open for it but just never really had the chance to make one!
I know this post might be a little overdue but I hope it isn't too late though :) 

I'm the unorganized type of person and a bag that's big enough to house all my "junk" is exactly what I need. So on normal days, I would always go for either a hobo or sling bag, and just in case you're wondering where I usually get them, I buy them at Accessorize. They have the best bohemian bags. SWEAR. Sorry I just had to emphasize the "swear" part. lol
Anyway,  I'm revealing to you now the secrets I keep inside my bag. Nothing really entralling though! Just the normal "junk" girls own :)

A book to save me from boredom at unfortunate times when I'm alone sitting and waiting, and a planner to remind me of my schedule, since I always forget!

To-do / To-buy notebook & favorite pen my bestfriend got me from Austria. (It has Swarovski crystals inside!)
Most of you are wondering how I keep my hair wavy, well I use the Bumble & Bumble surf spray before tying it in a bun. It helps make the waves look more natural..like a surfer girl. I dont know where you can get it in the Philippines but if you have families in the US, just ask them to buy for you! 
Some resto's or coffeeshops don't have free wifi so I always bring my Tattoo stick with me! 
My SLR's too heavy to carry everyday so I bring this IXUS with me instead! I hardly leave home without a camera. You never know when something interesting to document or photograph comes up! Life's full of surprises, it's better to be always ready! 
What's in my bag? 
- A book and planner.
- Mobile Phones and a portable charger
- My aztec long wallet (Parfois) and cat coin purse (Accessorize)
- To-do / To-buy notebook & Swarovski pen my bestfriend got me from Austria
- Perfume (Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bliss) & Surf Spray (same as what Rumi Neely uses!)
- Globe Tattoo STYLISTA Stick
- Canon IXUS point and shoot

What's in my make-up bag?
I'm not big on make-up (still have to learn more about it) and these are what I consider "basics" and what I use everyday:
Powder: Milani 
I prefer lose powder since its easier to apply.
Blush: Wet n Wild Mega Glo & Milani baked bronzer
Lip: Revlon Pink Pout, NYX Istanbul 
I always stick to pink nude lippies. Too scared to try other colors, esp. red! haha
Brows: Milani Brow Fix & Elf Tame & Treat
Eyes: Viginia Olsen lose eye shadow
I dont usually use it daytime but I always bring it with me just in case

Anyway, I'd like to share to you this promo Canon is having now (Sept 1-30). If you own one of these cameras, you can either have 200 php food credits from Greenwhich or a free Spalding watch! 
Read the Mechanics below to know more:

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