Friday, September 14, 2012

Corset: SOUL
Shorts: Apartment 8
Jacket: Korean Fashion Clothing
Bag: Accessorize
Shoes: So! Fab
Necklace: Mauve

School has finally ended (but still have 6 plates to do and ship to school) and the bombardment of outfit posts officially starts tadaay (sorry I just feel like exaggerating the word lol). Well for the first look, I'll just share to you what I wore the day before my flight to Davao. I'm here by the way. Finally.
 Met up with Vern and some friends for dinner and went around to do last-minute "pasalubong"-shopping. Clouds seemed gloomy that day so I opted for a lightweight leather jacket, just in case it woulnd't rain, which didn't actually. So I practically did the right thing, picking it over the thick denim oversized vest that weighed heavier than my bag. Exagg. lol
The corset was too sweet for my style so I toughened it up (well more of neutralized the "daintyness") with the jacket and black flats. I call them the Wonderwmanesquesandals. The gold plates remind me of the metal belt, head band and bra she always wore and oh, the silver cuffs too! 
Okay point made. 
And I realized.. I have such weird imagination! Anyway, I must come up with a "Wonderwoman" look wearing the flats to make more sense. . Next time. haha
I better get back to drafting. Must finish my plates. I hope you're having a great day though! :)


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