Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Top: Romwe
Shorts: One Teaspoon
Shoes: Greenhills (I bought it for only 850!)
Necklace: Fruitzy 
Cardigan: I forgot who gave this. If you know, please email me! 

Before you even start reading this post,  please don't mind my juvenile poses. I just felt very animated today! As seen in the photos. lol

Today was just like any other day. Did the usual things I do when I'm in Davao--run errands, hang with old friends and walk around malls. KILL TIME, that's how I'll put it in simple words. hehe
 It's term break and I'm making the most of the week vacation! So for the next couple of days, expect more casual outfit posts. Having a break from the fancy dresses and paved the way for my old laid-back style. 
I hope you like it though! :)

By the way for my Davao readers, McDonald's and TWR prepared a small meet-and-greet for you guys! The contest will be posted tomorrow and 15 of my readers will join me in a small get together in one of the McDo branches in Davao this Sunday! 
I'll keep you posted :)


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