Monday, September 17, 2012
Tassled Heels: Chicnova
Bag: Accessorize
(Sorry If I've been using this a lot lately. I only bought a few bags w/me in Davao =( )

  Do you have those days when comfortability mattered 10x more than style? I do most of the time, which explains why my fashion preferences lean more on the casual/laid-back side rather than the tailored/structured/well-thought fashion a few girls were blessed to perfectly pull-off. Oh add I-can-walk-in-heels-all-day-all-night to that! Geez, those ladies are gifted!

With only 2 and a half hours of sleep and practically 0 hours of prepare time, this was the ensemble I came up with yesterday. Threw on two of the most comfortable items I found in my luggage--an easy breezy dress and a chunky pair of heels! Plus a boho bag to add color and "bling" (cant believe I just used that word it's so high school) to the whole look.
 Although it appears like it could use more spicing-up, I'm pretty much pleased with the outcome. I really believe that under tight circumstances, our brain works faster and creative juices tend to flow freely. Just like in exams, projects etc. Don't you agree?

Anyway, the dress is one of my "good finds". It and can either be dressed up or dressed down, depends on how you want it, really. Very versatile I sometimes use it as a top! Well what I do to make it look different is untie the ribbon and wear a gold or black chunky necklace over it. Swear people would hardly notice it was the same item! How cool is that?

I have 70 unread emails in my inbox now so I gotta say goodbye, but I do hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday! :)


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