Sunday, October 21, 2012
Blazer & Pastel Pants: Soul
Tribal Corset: Crisela Collection 
Bag: Soul
Shoes: So! Fab
Photos by Rap Meting

Aztec, tribal and anything Bohemian have always been my style but lately, I have turned in a slightly different direction choosing  other prints over my usual preference. One reason for that would be the Tribal inferno that happened not quite a long time ago. I thought of laying low for a while, maybe give time for the 'trend' to slightly be out-of-trend (reduntant lol) but no matter what I do, I still result to choosing at least an item with such print, may it be an accessory or small detailing in clothes, shoes, bags. 
I guess I love bohemian too much that I cannot stand not having it in everything--room decor, clothes, accessories etc.

What I did with this look was to stick to solids and just use the corset as an 'accent piece', like a neo-baroque chandelier in a minimalist living room. Putting my Interior Design skills to work, eh? haha
The browns and pastel worked pretty well which was unexpected 'cause who would have thought
bubblegum-colored pants would look okay paired with tan? 

Hope you like it! :)


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