Tuesday, March 5, 2013
Shorts: Sabrina
Necklace: Mauve
Bracelets: SM Accessories
Nails by Coco Luca

As a preparation to summer, I am finally adding neon to my wardrobe. And though I'm only taking one baby step at a time, 
I can say I am making quite a progress already--having to start with accessories, to wallet and now down to shorts! haha
But despite my efforts of really going outside the box, the 'safe' side in me still comes out as seen evidently in this outfit.
I just thought pairing neutrals and soft tones with neon would lessen the "OH WOW" factor. I mean it's okay to be catching attention, but you wouldn't wanna be looking like a clown from some random circus walking in a costume that's color uncoordinated, would you? Know what I mean? haha 
So yeah, I came up with this--an ensemble I call...balanced. 
Something very soft yet cool in the eyes. 
I hope you like it! :) 

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