Sunday, May 5, 2013
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Camo Jacket: Next Jeans
Bag & Bracelets: SM Accessories
Tank: Mango

Been staring at my laptop for about 10 minutes already just trying to figure out what decent title to give this post. Phoenix's Armistice (one of my favorite songs) is playing on iTunes and coincidentally I'm sporting a camouflage jacket which then gave me the idea to entitle the look'Army-stice'. I know its lame but if you think about it, it's actually not that bad. I mean, I'm usually poor at these things but coming up with that word is already something for me. haha Alright enough.

Going to spend Sunday with my cousins and I'm currently waiting for them to arrive. We planned on walking around the neighborhood and check out shops in High Street so I thought of giving my boots another try since they've been siting in my closet for 5mos already and i never really got to wear them more than once.

Anyway, I gotta rush. Need to clean the room before the doorbell rings! Hope you're having a great day though :)

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