Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Long days spent running errands outside paired with late nights in front of my laptop both are now taking its toll on my skin. From looking healthy and vibrant, it has become dull and looking exhausted. Gentle scrubs and overnight creams didn't seem enough anymore, so when my schedule permitted me to, I paid a visit to SKIN at The Spa Wellness High Street and had a much-needed facial. 
What's good is that the location's really convenient since it's just walking distance from my place and the feel of The Spa--interior and the calming ambiance--relaxes you the moment you step foot inside. 

It was an hour session and every minute was soothing and calming--it made me not want to leave the room at all. I wish you could try how good it felt!
But for the mean time, let me take you to a visual experience and just let the photos make your imagination work. 

When I walked in, I was welcomed by a cup of ginger tea (a The Spa signature) while I wait for my nurse attendant in their fancy lounge area.  Their signature skin facial was highly recommended--especially for my oily skin--so without thinking twice I went on and tried it.
I changed to my bathrobe, left all my worries behind and just let the experience take me away.

The procedure started with the nurse attendant cleansing my skin with a Chamomile cleanser which is known for its gentle purifying benefits. She then removed the excess oil by using this refreshing toner.

She then polished my skin with Honey Almond scrub and gave me such a good facial massage. It was so gentle I barely felt the little dots in the cream! Some spas/clinics use scrub which gives off that stinging after-feel, but the this one with the enzyme peel didn't feel like such at all. 

After, a dermatologist came to the room and performed extraction. By extraction I mean cleaning your pores by removing white/black heads. Normally from all the facials I've tried, it's usually the therapist that does this procedure but I am delighted that SKIN provides a certified dermatologist to do it instead.

As soon as the extraction was done, the therapist came back with 2 packs of algae masks from a brand SKIN carries, Casmara. If you wanna read more about Casmara, click this
I was given the sensitive mask which was made of violet plant and oats. What's amazing is that the mask isn't like those we commonly know. This one starts of liquidy and dries off with a sillicon-like finish.
The mask can be re-used within 5 hrs as long as its stored in the fridge. They actually made me bring home mine and I used it again when I got home.

The mask left my skin feeling refreshed but it didn't end there. They topped it off with a serum and sunblock gel then followed by a 3-minute back massage. 

The treatment was lovely from start to end. My skin didn't feel that usual slightly pricking sensation you get after. The whole experience was great and no doubt I will surely be coming back for more :)

Signature Skin Facial with Casmara Mask is available at SKIN Dermatology & Laser Center (inside The Spa Wellness at the Fort) B8, Bonifacio High Street BGC, Taguig. 
For inquiries, call (+632) 403-8000/0917 8092399. 
Soon-to-open in Shangri-la Mall (+632) 656-7878 / 656-6868

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