Monday, September 16, 2013
EDSA Boyfriend Tee: Team Manila
Tights: Terranova
Booties: Forever21
Bag: Bazaar Find
Denim Jacket: Vintage

It's already halfway through September so before it ends, let me take this chance to tell you I am Team Manila's chosen blogger of the month! I have always liked supporting locally made products (T'boli accessories as hard proof) and to wear pieces that are designed and made by my fellow Filipinos is something I am truly proud of. Team Manila is one brand I believe in. I honestly think it is brilliant enough for them to continually promote Philippines by incorporating the Filipino culture to art & fashion--as evidently seen in their statement shirts. 
Mine has EDSA printed on it. Very Philippines, indeed.

For the next days, expect to be seeing more wearable go-to ensembles like this (and the previous post) on my blog. Most people think shirts are dull, like there's nothing much you can do with it, but I want to prove the contrary. Shirts maybe simple but you are definitely NOT limited to one style. There are actually many you can play with--skater, campus, rock chic and vintage just to name a few! 
I believe I have posted 3 ensembles wearing Team Manila shirts ( 1st, 2nd & 3rd) and this will be the 4th one. I hope by this time, you already have and idea of how you can play around with the different styles. 

For today's look, I ought to  show you how a simple boyfriend tee could look so stylish when worn. I mean, who would have thought shirt + oversized denim jacket + boho bag could look so fierce? And then again like what I always say... it's just a matter of mixing and matching and finding the right accessories. This time, the booties & tights did the trick! 

Hope you like it! :)

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