Sunday, October 20, 2013
Denim button down: GbyGUESS
Booties: Terranova
Tie-dye leggings: Samuel & Kevin
Chain bag & Necklace: SM Accessories

Grunge is probably my favorite style next to bohemian. It makes dressing up more fun in a way that you need not worry about conformity cos 'fashion rules' here seem nothing but obsolete and totally ridiculous. Like you couldn't care less that you just threw whatever on and left the house in a shirt, flanel top, shredded jeans or tights. In simpler terms, a "who gives a damn what I am wearing" kinda look. Haha Charge me guilty for having a weakness for anything comfortable and probably for excessively posting casual looks also but I just couldn't help it you now. It's like an incurable disease and I' am badly infected.
 I hope you like the entire look as much as I do! 
Happy Sunday guys :)

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