Sunday, January 10, 2016
just like in the postcards ♥

alleys that lead you to beautiful discoveries
I couldn't help but take a photo. Made me miss my dog, Summer, so much.
beautiful Gothic architecture
Heineken's Amsterdam's pride. Of course, this had to be photographed. 
and I thought I would just see it in the movies
What I was wearing:
Top: H&M | Leg Warmer: Forever21 Sneakers: Stan Smith

Warm days in the Philippines got me thinking about my recent trip to Amsterdam and Berlin. Jet lag is taking its toll on me and I've been doing nothing the last days but sleep and relive the Holidays - in my imagination and dreams. To use my time on doing something different and productive today, I decided to go down, have coffee [decaf this time] and open my laptop. Finally. It took so much courage to leave that monster bed - it does nothing but eat you.

These are just some snaps I took of Amsterdam. There's just too much that I think dedicating 2 or 3 separate posts just for that 4-day getaway is necessary. This time, I narrowed it down to bicycles after coming to a realisation that I excessively photographed it. Like my camera was really filled with it. Besides, Amsterdam is a city of bicycles. I should be excused, shouldn't it? lol

Seeing these photos makes me fall in love with Amsterdam once more. Not that I haven't the moment I stepped foot on this place, but it just has this certain charisma that takes you away. Patrick and I spent hours and hours walking, getting lost in alleys and then ending up discovering new spots. Like finding egg treasures on an Easter Sunday - the more we explored, the more we were taken away.  
It's beautiful and charming, isn't it? 

Cheys ♥

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