Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Shoes: Schu
Top & Cardigan: Romwe
Skirt: F21
Bag: Parfois
Accessories: Mauve (silver studs) | Mia Casa (beads)

(What I wore to school today.)

Class just ended and I am currently on my desk pushing myself to do finish this blog post. 
I have been up since 3am and I could already feel my eyes closing on its own. It's a battle I know I will soon be losing! In a minute or two maybe.
You have no idea how hard it is to fight the urge to  jump on my bed now and just drown in my pillows. I badly need sleep so please forgive my brain for being too drained to come up with a decent post t :(

Anyway,  did you notice the shoes?
I have looked so long for leather vintage-looking flats since mine broke already and I was lucky to spot these in Schu Rockwell last week. It's my current favorite, been wearing it a lot! :)

By the way, Romwe is giving away huge 15 % discount coupons!
Code:  best15%
Valid October 16th through 21st.  
Only applies to items in the “best seller” category. 
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