Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Dress: Stylista
Bag: Parfois
Recessionista find:
Thrifted Cardigan for 35 php

I've been sticking to flats, cardi's and lose clothes for the past days and shoot me now for reaching this month's quota for casual outfit posts. 
It's just that I'm currently pinned to this sluggish phase where I've no energy nor motivation to dress up and strut in heels in public. 
It's one of those times where comfortability seem more appealing than style. lol Don't worry, soon enough I'll regain my strength and be posting dressy looks! :)

Anyway, showing you what I wore to lunch and grocery shopping with Ral yesterday.
A casual vintagey outfit perfect for a day of walking and errands :)

By the way, it's almost Black Friday and Romwe has something for us die-hard online shoppers! 
Up to 70% off on items from Nov 21-26. Hurry!
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